Prince Ellis is a protagonist in World Adventurers, originally was suppose to be a supporting character.

Background Edit

Ellis is not very characterized as much like the other male characters. For all his life, he's always toke his personality very serious which means that he could be pretty aggressive if you say certain things to him. However, he is not really like that with Flora because he knows how much she loves him and he is always nice to her. He is quite for at least 15 minutes in the film. He can be friendly to some other characters like Alexander, Allen, Pedro, etc.

Trivia Edit

  • He and Hegan have both similar appearances, they both have giant eyebrows, both wear bowties and vests. Ellis wears glasses, Hegan does not.
  • They also have similar personalities, unlike Hegan, Ellis can be viewed as an extremely serious guy, even though he can be very nice and cute. However, being a very serious person does not mean that he's a rude person, he is just showing people how seriously he takes his personality.
  • He is the first Disney Prince to wear glasses.


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