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'''Celine Adami '''is the main protagonist in Princess of Budapest.
'''Celine Adami '''is the main protagonist in Princess of Budapest.

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Celine Adami

Celine Adami is the main protagonist in Princess of Budapest.


Celine Adami is the daughter of King Ambrus and Queen Hanna. Celine was born on July 3rd, 1834. Her home is Budapest, Hungary. She was once arranged by her father to marry Prince Andrew, as she refused to and rejected the proposal because she regonized that was the ring he stolen from a future couple who were also suppose to get married, she ended up arguing with her father, as she explains why she does not like Andrew, and Ambrus admits that it's all in her imagination, which makes Celine more angrier if he does not believe what she's trying to say, so apperantly that is how she ended up meeting Johnathon. Later on, Celine remembers that Prince Andrew told her that his twin brother saved the snow queen, but discovers that was all a lie the truth was Hans actully tried killing her, but was saved by her younger sister who was Anna as she looks in the pictures, and gets caught by Andrew, and Celine was brave enough to stand up for herself and also talk about how much he lied to her, he was not meant to be for her, Eventully, Andrew began trying to harm her, while Johnathon hears it 5ft away he comes on his horse, but Celine actully was stong enough to get him off of her, and twice she almost was murdered by his sword, while she was climbing on the roof, her famous qoute was "Goodbye, Con Man!!!" as she chokes him, then punches him all the way down to the river.

Physical Appearance

Celine was born with green eyes, but then were eventully became hazel, she also has short brunette hair. 


She has many similarities to Belle and to Pocahontas as well

  • They both are bunettes and have hazel eyes
  • Belle has longer hair while Celine has short hair, similar to Snow White
  • They both have been scene with blue dresses carrying baskets in their towns
  • They both love to read books
  • They both are from Europe
    • Belle is French while Celine is Hungarian
    • She, Belle and Pocahontas all had arranged marriages, Gaston himself wanted to marry Belle while Celine's father made a deal with Andrew who wanted to mary Celine. Pocahontas father arranged Kocaum to 
  • Both Belle and Celine rejected their marriage proposals. Meanwhile, Belle hides away from Gaston.
  • However, Celine gets in trouble and gets into an argument with her father.
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